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The future depends onwhat you do in the present
African American Couple


Often, children have used up their own problem solving tools leading to complicated behaviors and situations...they may misbehave, act out at home or school, and have trouble with friends.  I utilize play, art, sand, books, and interactive talk therapy to create a safe, compassionate, and dynamic approach to help children cope with difficult emotions and find solutions to their problems.  I encourage the healing power of the family to help children and adolescents develop, as children often respond best when their significant family members participate in therapy.  Treatment can range from a few appointments to long-term support.

My services are always client-centered and confidential, with special attention to the needs and concerns of your child and family.  I design therapy and assessments to suit your child's specific needs.  Together, we will create a mutually agreed upon plan to resolve presenting issues and concerns.

I have specialized training in the treatment of trauma and attachment disorders, infant mental health, and developmental disabilities.  Additionally, I often work with adult survivors of childhood traumas regarding the current challenges they may be facing.   I look forward to speaking with you regarding your or your family's needs.